What’s wrong with the world…(Poetic Sky)

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Blank verse poetry, Fate, morality, philosophy, poetry, Prose
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Poetic sky

That’s what I find.

Sifting through shit

Chaos of mind.

Signs, protests, imbalanced status quo

They all need a cause, but they don’t even know

If you say that souls are different

you’re condemned as “pro hate”

Till we’re left with no uniqueness

With no defining traits

So full of lies

People of earth

I’m worst of all

Why even try?

Hate, empty, nothing worth the effort 

That’s what these nihilists would have us believe

Pandering to ignorant masses

Till we feel as bereaved as Jackie Onassis 


Whom we worship

Told we’re nothing

What we SHOULD be

Make us a sex tape, sell us some clothes

Gotta sing, gotta dance, auto tune your soul

Our kids feel like nothing without fame

So they hurt themselves and others like it’s all just game

This is my poetic sky

This is what I always find

In the world and in the screens

within myself, so break the seams

  1. Intense poem, Shane. Well done.

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  2. You’ve described it beautifully. That’s just how the world appears to me. Bravo.

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    • Thank you very much! I don’t much care for my writing on this one, but it felt really good to vent. Just got tired of all the artificiality and the fact that I used to think I couldn’t be happy without fame, and that’s because the media conditions kids to attribute a god-like status to celebrities.

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      • I really appreciated the message of the poem. There’s a time for careful wording and there’s a time for just going “Grrr.” You held it together by managing a great combination of the two.
        The media sucks. I get my news from family and friends who filter out the dross and tell me the facts which matter – then I check them out. Celebrities don’t get a look in. I have no TV, so I don’t even know the names on the lips of people on the street, but I know of the hardships refugees are facing in Serbia, and I know the date when my beloved Leonard Cohen died.

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      • Yeah it’s all really sad. I’ve always loved books more than television. However, there are some good shows and films that I really like. Actors too. But only if it’s REAL art like Star Trek and The X Files (I’m a big nerd lol). But Kim Kardashian and people like her just piss me off. And I don’t like how everyone in America is hating each other so much right now, and a lot of the hating is done in the name of “political correctness” and “hating the hate”. every single group in America right now, any group you could possibly imagine, seems to be throwing hate on each other.

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      • I don’t envy America at the moment. All this hatred is counter-productive. Thigs will continue to deteriorate until we all learn compassion and diplomacy.

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  3. Your venting has a good rhythm to it- I could imagine much of it in a rap.
    I’ve been frustrated by many of the same things but not been able to put much of it into writing. Maybe I’ll try that this week

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    • Thank you very much! I generally like rock more than rap, but I can definitely see it now that you mention it. I guess it would kind of flow…idk though lol. I look forward to reading your own venting!


  4. Very evocative and spot-on. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  5. johnnyboy46 says:

    That’s!! A great question. What is wrong with world.

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