The Awakening

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Greetings! My name is Shane Smith. I have never used a blog before; but I would now like to create a place where authors, poets, and artists of any kind can share their ideas with each other. That’s a big thing to me, personally; because, like I mentioned before, I’ve never used a blog to share my own ideas of fantasy, science fiction, horror, poetry, theology, mythology, and philosophy, with the rest of the world. With ANYONE. My domain is a place where fellow creators all over the world can come to express their own ideas and discuss the ideas and accomplishments of others. You can ‘slay the minotaur’ here, by having an outlet to let your creations just ignite, spark, and pierce like lightning through the mundane shell of existing; which, by the way, is not really living if you were born with ideas. I will be sharing information about my first novel, entitled, “THE FIRST AND THE LAST”, which will be ready for anyone to read very shortly. The book is finished, but I am going to work on building up this blog. Until then, I have an elevator pitch to post, as well as a short excerpt from the book itself. Feel free to contact me about putting up your own creations. Well, feel free to contact me about ANYTHING. I could go on and on about Alien, Predator, H.R. Giger, Gojira, C.S. Lewis, Joseph Campbell, comics, mythology, dragons, dinosaurs, My Chemical Romance (one of my next posts will be a review of their greatest record), metal music, punk music, worship music, intimate acoustic guitar performances, Friedrich Nietzche……well just about anything that makes us nerds 🙂 Thanks for checking out the domain! I can’t wait for all of you authors and artists to share your work with me! And like I said, it would be great to have someone tell me what they think of my book and my other creations. Well, there’s only one thing to do about it………Let’s slay the Minotaur, the demon of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, one heroic idea at a time.

THE FIRST AND THE LAST by S.D. Smith (elevator pitch; back of the book):

A man awakens to find himself trapped and alone within a world beyond the borders of imagination, consciousness, beauty, and nightmares. He is in the Jungle, a frightening place of intrigue containing horrors that threaten his very existence around every corner. His only hope is a beautiful maiden known as Happiness, who is imprisoned by the dark power called Omega. To save her, restore the jungle, and find his soul, he must receive aid from Alpha and Steer; noble souls whose purpose in life is to help him overcome his many struggles. Can the monsters of the Jungle and the demons of his heart be defeated? Find out in: THE FIRST AND THE LAST               Copyright 2015, by Shane Smith, All rights reserved

Here is a short excerpt from Chapter Five: Training

My head felt like it was spinning because of what he did next. He lifted a brown bag next to us and emptied its contents onto the table. They were the Omega plants themselves. It was at that moment that I first believed them to be conscious and have a will of their own; for even though I could hear no voices, I felt so strongly that they were literally begging me to consume them. As I stared at them with horror, everything and everyone in the room faded away from my perception. It was just me and the plants. Everything else was a sickly blackness. I reached down for them and upon touching them I heard Alpha speak; whether audibly or inside my mind I know not. “Don’t do it Warrior. Remember Happiness.” But I couldn’t resist. As I began to devour them, the darkness around me got even worse. All feeling was emptied from me, even the pain of my wounded arm, which had broken free of the sling I was wearing to bring the evil to my mouth. I couldn’t even think of Happiness. Then, after I ate them all, the darkness frightened me, so I ran to try to escape it.  But it was more than fear that propelled me. It was the desire for more plants. After running frantically for a while, I found myself outside. I knew this only because instead of the black, I saw gray, which must have been the sunlight distorted by my pathetically wayward soul. Everything was gray, but I could still make out the faint silhouettes of trees. I ran towards them, knowing that somewhere in the Jungle there were more plants. But then, I remembered that I didnt have to go very far. Frantically, I ran faster and faster amongst the trees to reach the road of purification. I was hindered for a moment by crashing into a couple of Frog Princes. I could only see their blurry forms for a split second as I tread upon their painful faces and heard their cries of surprise and anguish. Everything became clearer in my sight for a few moments. I was almost coming to my senses, almost feeling true contrition for trampling them, but that feeling went away quicker than it had arrived. Their faces became green and alive and then went back to gray as I turned to look at them briefly. Then, I forgot all about them and kept on running. I was in such a blinded state of blackened desire that the only explanation for being able to find the flowers of evil was that they were calling for me. it wasn’t an actual voice; but I felt something that sent sweetness to my heart just as Alpha’s singing would have.  It only took me a few seconds to find them. I could actually see their beautiful green colors against the backdrop of gray. Falling to my knees, I reached for them and shoved them into my selfish mouth. I hadnt consumed but a handful before I felt an immense pain in the back of my skull and fell to my face unconscious.


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    Very interesting…like nothing I’ve ever read before.

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